Waves of Mercy has made a home for ten former street boys in Port-de-Paix – boys who would otherwise be living on the streets, sleeping under cars or in abandoned buildings, and resorting to begging and stealing every single day…just to survive.

Many of our mission boys have been abused, and some have been abandoned or given up…but now, every single one of them knows what it means to be safe, to be secure, and to be loved by a Heavenly Father who will never give up on them. All of these boys know that Jesus died for them. They are now thriving, participating in singing groups, attending school, and are at church almost every night. They have all bonded deeply, and are closer than brothers.

Hebrews 13:5 says, “I’ll never let you down, I’ll never walk off and leave you…” Our ten boys know exactly what that verse means. Even though they may have been abused or abandoned by their earthly parents, they now know the love of their Heavenly Father, who will never give up on them.

Waves of Mercy provides housing, education, clothing, food, and medical needs for our ten mission boys. We also have our own mission school where dozens of kindergarten- and elementary-age children receive an education. Trois Rivye, the area of town that Waves of Mercy calls home, has been transformed by the presence of the church body and the various programs that Waves of Mercy provides to the people of Port-de-Paix.