Waves of Mercy is looking to expand with the purchase of a new 3-acre piece of land in the western part of Port-de-Paix, a property with beautiful sweeping views of the city, and one that is much closer to where Waves of Mercy holds church. The new land will eventually be home to Larry & Diana, will contain a dormitory to house the eight street boys supported by Waves of Mercy, and will be the site of a newer, larger, and more permanent home for the church and its pastor, Handson.

However, much needs to be done before the land can be fully utilized. The land is being prepared, drainage ditches are being dug, and architectural plans are being drawn up for the new land. The biggest hurdle we face at Waves of Mercy is financial; without your support, we simply cannot continue expanding and spreading the Gospel to the people of Port-de-Paix. Please prayerfully consider donating to the work of Waves of Mercy.